Make Reading the Quran your the Most Favorite Habit

reading QuranReading Quran is always a pleasant experience. It frees you from all your Dunya worries and makes you conscious of Akhirah. Of course, this would only happen if you love to read the Quran. If each day you keep on reading just for reading sakes, believe me, you are missing big time.

Here are few tips that helped me, I hope they will help you too :

1. Choose the best time which suits you to read it. This is very important because if you have something on the back of your mind playing then you won’t be able to read the Quran properly.

For me, after Isha prayers and before sleeping is the best time. Because that time of the day, the day is over and I know the next thing I’m doing is sleeping. Hence I can fully concentrate on the last task and probably the most important task of my day.

2. Be comfortable. If you are reading it in an awkward position. All you would be doing is adjusting yourself all the time.

3. Make wudu with the sole intention of reading Quran. Even if you have it, remake it. This really helps as your mind gets ready for the next big thing.

4. Read clearly and slowly. You can read only 5 ayahs a day but make sure you read them properly. Slowly, bit loudly and in a beautiful voice. Rushing through pages is pretty useless. You won’t able to absorb the beauty of the text

5. Read with Translation and Understand it. Its really important to understand what the Quran is talking all about, with translation your experience is out of the space.

6. Animate the verses. This is like the best tip I can ever share with you. Be involved in the verse.

• If the verse talks about Moses and Firaun. Be in the situation. Be a spectator. Imagine you are there and imagine the whole scenario. Believe me you would get goosebumps.

• If the verse talks about Jannah, be in Jannah, feel as if you are really in Jannah. Enjoy the beauty of it. Try to feel the pleasure.

 • If the verse talks about Jahannam. Be there. Feel the fear. Feel the pain.

7. Prostate properly. If you come across a verse which require to prostrate. Don’t delay it. Do it. Do it properly. Most of these verses are like the testimony of faith. So when you prostrate, give your heart in prostration. Lengthen it, make Dua.

8. Last but not the least, Before starting to read. Make Dua. Make Dua to Allah blesses you the true understanding of the Quran and makes you closer to it. Make Dua that you comprehend the meanings of it. Make Dua that you can memorize it. Make Dua to fall in love with it.

Believe me, Internet, TV Shows, Movies, Music, Chatting, wont give you that pleasure which you would get by just 5 minutes of reading the Quran with sincerity and love.

May Allah bless us all with the heart which truly values the Quran.



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